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Top Fitness Trends of 2015

Top Fitness Trends of 2015

2015 Fitness Trends

Approaching the new year, new trends and fashions are exciting ways to keep us active and motivated. Add extra spark to that routine and help you reach those goals by taking a look at some of the five trends we have popped below.

    1. HIITs: The High Intensity Interval training session is not new, however is still a massive hit in fitness. These types of workout need little equipment and require less time than the average workout, so popularity continues to rise, in today’s modern and ever busy society.
    2. Returning to the Basics: As we have mentioned time and therefore location is not always perfect. So top of the range equipment does not always become available for the types of workouts society demands. Simpler forms of exercises have made a dramatic comeback such as body weight. Exercises such as squats, press ups, planks, sit-ups (many forms and variations here), seem to have aged timelessly.
    3. High tech!: Forms of telemetry has absolutely rocketed into one of the more popular fitness trends for the new year. Gadgets like smart watches, fit bits, and (sounds old) step counters are all the range in this new technical age. They are also excellent ways to track your daily activity and calories burnt, that really aid motivation.
    4. Try an Online Workout: These types of workouts can help those who don’t have enough time to go to there local gym or class, or are required to be at home for example for childcare. Popularity has risen due to these demands. The quality has also risen with the level of technology increasing and new platforms such as Instagram.
    5. Short Workouts: Work-out that are 45minutes to 60minutes long are in many people’s eyes seen as old fashion! The demand in today’s society is 30, 20, or even 10 minute workouts! HIITs and Tabata are names often banded about now. Time is at a shorter supply (or so perceived), so people tend to want to work harder for short to cramp it in so to speak.
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