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A Woman in a Mans World No More

A Woman in a Mans World No More

The fitness industry is consistently evolving. Everyone, all ages and walks of life are becoming more concerned, more motivated in the pursuit of fitness. At the front of this movement is the rise of women’s fitness and sport. Challenging the stereotypes about a women’s physical strength, endurance and abilities. Over the past decade there has been a huge rise in women taking up sports such as boxing, Cross-fit and football. Within the media and social media forums it’s very clear. So, let’s look at some of the growth within this sector.

Branding and exposure.

Market research within the sector found that the global revenue from female based sportswear will reach just over $184.6million in 2020 (1)

Social media is a huge influence and selling tool within this sector. Looking at huge companies such as Nike and Addidas, they have dedicated social media channels just for this sector. Such is the influence and economic benefit. Specifically targeted campaigns and adverts such as

Companies are also now using women’s sport for great benefit, such is the rise within both interest and participation. Take for example Lucozade. As an official partner of the women’s England football team. Re-writing the famous song “three lions”, producing and advert with the players. Branding their bottles with players. They also used the campaign to promote participation, offering up to 90’00 minutes of rent-free pitch time through companies Goal and Power-league.

Participation Levels:

The actual simple figures support the growth. For example, if look at the diagram below created by the IOC. participation at the different games has risen consistently year upon year. This could be argued that this is due to population growth, but the figures just look at percentage of the total.

This is a common trend through-out sport and fitness. Slowly but surely women participating in sport and fitness is on the increase. From 2020, approximately there was 17.8 million women whom participate twice a month with physical activity, which is an increase from 17.33 million women in 2016. It’s understandable that many companies see this sector as the most lucrative.



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