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Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running

Fitness Trend: Barefoot Training

Barefoot running, is a form of natural running, it is the act of running without any supportive footwear, trainers for example! Running free!

The discipline is believed to make the muscles of the foot stronger, making the athlete stronger and faster. As you will use more of these muscles for stability than that of a supported foot. It’s thought that the style MAY improve balance and proprioception.

Although since 2010, the fitness trend has died down. Why? Many tried too much too fast. With stress fractures and Achilles Tendon issues quickly becoming a problem often reported. There is no doubt that extra muscles are used, however it does leave the bones of the feet open to pressure and force, not usually experienced when wearing footwear.

Its also important to remember that individuals running gaits, styles and places they run vary vastly. So, the statistics don’t always paint the truest picture. What’s good for one isn’t always good for another so to speak.

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