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If the Shoe Fits Wear it Nutrition-wise

If the Shoe Fits Wear it Nutrition-wise

Give me some of that liquid gold! Becoming more and more popular the liquid gold that gets you buzzing. A great source of sweetness. Try a little bit in porridge for example.

Pardon the puns but the truth about Honey is that it really is worth its weight (in moderation!) in gold. Like most foods however if you want the best out of it, make sure its raw and pure! Manuka Honey for example is from New Zealand and has been the most researched. Due to its unique qualities, it’s a very powerful weapon when fighting infection.

However as stated in the Daily Mail (2016) according to statistics only 1’700 tons was produced in 2016 but 10’000 tons sold. So, look out for 100% Manuka when buying it from the supermarket!

Manuka honey contains a unique and vital ingredient called methylglyoxal (MGO) which is responsible for the honey's Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA).

This is only found in authentic manuka honey and is an indicator of its antibacterial properties which, according to some experts, means it can be used to treat wounds and aid digestion. It isn’t just Manuka honey that is best raw, all honey’s contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes not found in refined products.

Nutritional benefits of honey

But what are its nutritional benefits? "Honey provides glucose and fructose, both types of sugar, in a pre-digested form and is sweeter and more rapidly assimilated than refined (table) sugar

So, although honey is probably a slightly healthier option than refined sugar because it can provide some useful nutrients it is still a highly concentrated source of sweetness and used by your body in much the same way as sugar.

For this reason, you would probably be wise to steer clear of eating too much, especially if you suffer from blood sugar fluctuations or are trying to stick to a low GI diet.

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