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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Within the fitness industry there are often new trends and fashions. How-ever picking a “gap’ within the market, a sustainable gap isn’t so simple.

Social Media, a minefield but a fantastic tool!

Instagram, Facebook and even twitter has changed the game. Looking at the statistic’s presented in the infographic (source hootsuite.), users using the platform to connect with brands, check out websites as a direct result of viewing, A perfect platform to influence and gain business. This is no different for personal trainers.

A fantastic tool, but comes with some pitfalls, that are often fallen into. Look to structure the account, identify the message you are sending.

So, ask some simple questions

  • What’s the content do I want and can create?
  • Will it be relative and reach the market I want?
  • How can I influence others with these posts/platforms?

That’s just Instagram. Facebook also reported that in 2018 had 85% of all digital marketing going through them. As a platform it is teeming with adverts and a vital marketplace for any company.

What are your customers saying?

By gaining customer feedback, listening to needs and getting them to interact on social media platforms to. You can specifically design and individulise programs or services. Its vital you identify a target market , then listen to these feedback.

Embrace the new technology

The game has changed. Online coaching, fit-bits, video tutorials, social media, apple watches. The list is countless. EMBRACE IT!

By using technology in your programming it can help motivate your clients and also help set you apart. There are tons of well-done examples. One personal trainer @katiefit is a prime example. A thriving business with well-planned applications.

Time to Innovate

Fitness professionals need to be aware and understand the need to continuously evolve to ensure they continue to grow new business and maintain a loyal client base. With a ever changing industry and challenges thrown in-front of it, such as the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Many businesses suffered, but many persona trainers actually came out stronger, with the fitness industry actually being reported to have grown by 30%

Many PTs evolved. They used online platforms to cater for clients, re designed there delivery and re-thought previous mis-conceptions and ways.

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