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Neurological Presentations

Neurological Presentations

Understanding Neurological Presentations

Studying neurological presentations is an area you will cover, when undertaking the Level 5 Sports Massage Therapy qualification. Within this area it is vital that you understand the foundations of the bodies neurological make-up.

A Dermatome can be characterised as an area of your skin supplied by nerves from a single spinal root. The map of these are vital in helping identify problems in spinal nerve transmission. Outlining sections of the body/areas.

Along an individual’s abdomen and thorax, dermatomes are like a stack of discs forming a human, with each supplied by a different spinal nerve. Along the arms and the legs, the pattern is different: the dermatomes run longitudinally along the limbs. Although the general pattern is similar in all people, the precise areas of innervation are as unique to an individual as fingerprints.

With each disc responsible for a specific area. As a therapist it will enable you to identify possible issues related to a specific nerve root and area.

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