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Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

There are lots of differing thoughts, research and practices when it comes to stretching. Although its commonly agreed that it holds many benefits! So we have popped 8 reasons why a good stretch can help you on the way to both physical and mental well-being!

  1. Makes us feel more relaxed and manage those stress levels! A good stretch routine can help your muscles hold less tension within them, helping you feel less stress. You slow down and so do your thoughts! This in itself can help reduce feelings of stress.
  2. Easy to reach! A good stretching routine can also help improve your range of motion, helping to move without restriction.
  3. You could also reduce the risk of injury. By helping your range of movement and improving your muscle’s flexibility, it will be less likely to be over stretched and push to movements it can’t cope with. But you still have to manage workloads!
  4. Post-exercise pain relief! Helping to relief those aches and pains after a hard work-out. By, stretching those worked muscles will help loosen them and reduce the shortening and tightening effect.
  5. Improves posture. As you stretch, you can improve your muscular alignment, thus improving posture.
  6. Reduces muscular tension and enhances muscular relaxation.  As discussed in pojnt number 1. Stretching allows the muscles to release tension and therefore increase blood flow. Aiding with
  7. Prep is everything!Helps to loosen the muscles and prepare you mentally. Ready for the ongoing hard work. This can be a range of differing styles and techniques.
  8. Promotes circulation. Adding a stretching routine will enable you to increase blood supply to your working muscles and joints, this in turn improves delivery of nutrient transportation and 02.

When discovering stretching and exercise that can aid recovery as well as improve posture. Disciplines such as Yoga and Pilates have become ever more popular.

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