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The Importance of GP Referrals

The Importance of GP Referrals

The GP referrals course is the perfect qualification to help transform your business. With lots of benefits for you and your client base. Giving you insights into special populations and the confidence to work with them. With the UK population changing rapidly the need for specialised professionals has increased. Most clients will now look for a personal trainer with a specific skill set rather than a jack of all trades so to speak. Ensuring you have the right qualifications to aid specific individuals as a personal trainer has never been so important. The Gp and exercise referral course is one of those courses that give you that edge within the market place.

  1. More variety. (for you and your clients!)

After you have been a personal trainer for a number of years it’s important to keep yourself interested and motivated. It’s also dangerous to get stuck in a rut, as reputations stick! You need to keep evolving and looking at clients from differing angles. Or before you realise it you will have done the same program for about 20 plus clients with the same goal. The same goal might sound like that it is fine to do that, however remember everyone is an individual with different needs. With specific understanding of different conditions, you will be able to modify and adapt training methods, you will feel better and more energised. Helping people in a creative and innovative way! That’s why you start within the industry right!

  1. Increase in your business growth.

Simply put you will be open to more opportunities. As you will belong to a smaller group of trained individuals, the opportunities within it will be more favourable to you. You will also be able to offer more and varied training to your clients. Not an overnight increase but given time your reputation will grow and therefore more clients will find their way to you.

  1. Increased confidence.

Will new found skills comes new found confidence. Sounds simple but it is true. As you feel more able to plan and work with more specialist conditions and varied clients this will be transferred to your current client base. Giving you more value for money and subsequently a better reputation. An all-round better service.

  1. Gain a better reputation

As you will have a greater level of expertise your reputation will grow. However, just because you have more knowledge on paper doesn’t mean you always apply it. Ensure you use it specifically with client’s it needs to be applied to.

So what’s your next steps?

Our GP Referrals Level 3 Diploma course includes all materials, tuition and 0% packages are available. Open to all level 3 personal trainers. Why not contact us on or visit us at and see how the qualification could advance your career and improve your clients experience.

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